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6 FAQs For Quinceañera Guests Answered

What Should I Wear To A Quince?

Quinceañeras often have themes that vary in formality, just like weddings.

Find out how formal the party is. You can usually tell by the quince girl’s personality, her invitations, or by asking her directly.

If you can’t get any clear answers, aim for something formal (just as you would for a wedding).

For guys, this can mean some nice dress pants with a dressy shirt/vest/jacket. It doesn’t have to be church clothes or a full on suit, but you can definitely kick it up a notch with your style. Just make sure it’s clean cut, smells good, and doesn’t attract too much attention.

For girls, a nice semi-formal dress and cute shoes works. Choose a color that doesn’t match the quinceanera’s dress.

Do I Need To Speak Spanish?

Spanish is not a requirement. (Note that the birthday person may not even be fluent in Spanish.)

That said, you might find a few key phrases helpful. It wouldn’t hurt to be able to say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’.

Please = Por favor

Thank you = Gracias

Latinos are big on respecting traditions and elders, so use both of those phrases, freely!

Do I Have To Dance?


No. You don’t HAVE to.

Just be aware that most quinceañeras are centered around dancing. In fact, that’s the main attraction.

Most people give in to at least one dance, so while you don’t HAVE to, you can expect to. Don’t worry. It’s fun and no one is that concerned with how ‘terrible’ you are. Really.

As A Quinceanera Guest, Do I Have To Bring A Gift?

Ultimately, this is a birthday party. You can bring one if you wish, it’s a sweet gesture. You aren’t required to, though.

The closer relationship you have with the birthday girl, the more I suggest you bring one – even a small one. Still, it’s up to you.

Do I Have To, You Know, Do Anything?

Bring a gift if you’d like to, be respectful to the tradition, and focus on having a great time.

Can I Bring My Friend Or Family Member To A Quince?

Always ask first. Quinceañeras are expensive and your guest may not be accounted for, so they may not even have a place to sit!

Be sure to check in with the family.