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4 Reasons You Might Hire A Quinceañera Event Planner

Hiring a quinceañera event planner may not be on your to do list.

In Latin families, we tend to have plenty of people to help out, or so it would seem. Today, I’ll be sharing some things to think about when you’re deciding whether you want to hire a professional event planner to help you with your quinceañera.

But, let’s answer the first question that comes to mind – how much does it cost?

After all, you want to save money for the stuff that’s important to you, like your dress, maybe a limo to ride with your friends.

Just like anything else, it depends.

The price to hire a quinceañera event planner can be several hundred or a few thousands of dollars.

Typical services can include: Day Of planning, individual consultations, full on event planning from beginning to end, and virtual planning. 

It’s not cheap. I know you might be thinking, “I’ve got my tia and my cousins helping me so I don’t need to spend that money.” 

After all, you have a big family and you want to cut costs, right?

That’s true, you don’t have to spend that money. If you’re super organized and have plenty of help, you probably can get by without a quince planner.

But if you’re short on time, short on help, or just really stressed out, this may be one of the best investments you make for your party.

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A Quince Planner Helps You Enjoy The Event

If your party is going to cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars… wouldn’t you want your family and yourself to enjoy it? I’m talking every minute of it.

Event planning takes time management, attention, and taking care of last minute details — all the way until the day of the event.

That means, if something last minute happens and needs to be taken care of, your mom, uncle, or madrina, is going to have to miss out on part of your event to take care of that for you.

Let’s run that back… that means you’ve potentially spent thousands of dollars just so your cousin or tia could miss your father-daughter dance because you need an extra extension cord or something like that!

You see what I mean?

Professional Help Relieves Stress

Quinceañeras are a challenge. There’s many people to coordinate and vendors to hire. Not only that, but vendors have other events going on too, and well, people make mistakes.

For best results, you have to keep touching base with them.

It’s a huge event but that doesn’t mean that everything else in your life is going to slow down. With a quinceañera coordinator on your team you can relax a bit and focus on something else, like your dances or your quinceañera dress.

You’ll still be in charge. They’ll just be there to help you create your vision.

Industry Professionals Are Well-Connected

Event planners often have more insight on what’s going on in the industry.

They will often have good relationships with other people in the industry, so they may be able to point you to other great vendors.

Another big plus is that they can make recommendations based on your budget.

You might find it hard to keep track of your budget and keep costs down. A professional can guide you to make better choices.

Of course, if you’re someone who would rather have complete control of your quinceanera… then you might want to ask yourself if adding another person would actually cause you more stress.

So, be prepared to trust someone to take care of the details for you.

A Quince Planner Offers Different Services 

You don’t have to stick with your planner from beginning to end. (That’s usually more expensive, if you’re trying to cut costs.)

What you can do is pick and choose from a list of services they have. Some of them have Day Of Planning Services which can be a great great option if you need to stay on a budget.

When you hire someone to do this, it often means they become the point of contact for the day of your quinceañera. You’ll want to double check that’s the case, but that’s one great advantage for the actual day.

That means, all those last minute details will be taken care of by someone else and your family can stick to eating dinner and taking pictures.

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What Are The Risks?

There are risks when you decide to hire and trust someone.

No matter how friendly your planner is, this is business and you need to be prepared to hire the right person.

You run the risk of being disappointed.

Sometimes the communication is just not there. For an event, that can mean a vendor doesn’t really understand what you want to create. You definitely want to make sure you choose the right person before you hand over such a huge responsibility for your event.

There’s also the risk of getting scammed, unfortunately.

To prevent getting scammed, definitely do your homework. Ask for referrals from friends and family and make sure you look up the planner’s reputation. If possible, try to see if it’s possible to talk to past customers.


As I mentioned earlier, quinceañera event planner services can be expensive.

My thinking is that once the quince is costing quite a bit, planning services become just as important as the photographer or event venue because the only thing that will last is the memories. 

You’re going to want to reminisce over the beautiful photos and make sure your VIP’s are present and they’re actually enjoying the event… and you’ll need to be ready for all those pics!

What Services Does A Quinceañera Coordinator Offer?

It would be much easier to list what they don’t offer! 

If there is something they don’t do themselves, they may be able to at least advise you about your options.

Here’s a small list of stuff they can help you with…

  • Keeping track of your budget
  • Picking a salon (banquet hall)
  • Finding event catering
  • Booking the music
  • Recommendations on invitations, DJ’s, florists, quinceanera shops, and quince decor 

Where To Search For A Quinceanera Event Planner

As with anything else at your event, get a referral from someone you know and trust.

They don’t necessarily have to focus on quinces but they should be good at what they do – planning and logistics!

Other places to look:

  • Quince or wedding expos
  • Referrals from other vendors – limo, salons, decorators or anyone else in the industry
  • Google for your city + the words “event planner” to see if anyone pops up there


A quince event planner may be the perfect solution for you to save yourself some stress, time, and peace of mind.

Consider hiring one if your budget can afford it! It can be a great investment for you so you and your family can pay attention to what matters – being present for your quince event.