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What Is A Quinceañera – 6 Things To Know
You may be asking yourself this question, even if you’re from a Latino family. I know I was definitely searching the symbolism behind this event many times when we were planning my niece’s quince.What is a quinceañera and how is it celebrated?A quinc...
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6 FAQs For Quinceañera Guests Answered
What Should I Wear To A Quince?Quinceañeras often have themes that vary in formality, just like weddings.Find out how formal the party is. You can usually tell by the quince girl’s personality, her invitations, or by asking her directly.If you can’t ...
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4 Reasons You Might Hire A Quinceañera Event Planner
Hiring a quinceañera event planner may not be on your to do list.In Latin families, we tend to have plenty of people to help out, or so it would seem. Today, I’ll be sharing some things to think about when you’re deciding whether you want to hire a p...
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