• Quinceanera Themes Put to The Test!

    There are so many quinceanera themes to choose from. There’s no such thing as picking the ‘wrong’ one, but it’s important to be happy with your choice.

    I’ll mention some easy ways to decide along with a brainstorm of ideas.

    Look at your favorite stuff.. Are you drawing hearts in your notebook? Are you in love with the movie Beauty and the Beast? Do you love the 80′s? Pretend you’re a detective and try to figure out what it is that you like most.

    If you’re having a hard time deciding because you love all of them equally, write each one down on a little piece of paper. Then, shuffle them and pick one out.

    If you notice that you aren’t happy with the result, draw another one. Repeat the process if the same thing happens. Keep going until you end up with the one you love.

    Take other people’s votes into account. See what your mom, friends, and family think. Ask them to help you decide.

    Quinceanera Themes List

    Common Themes
    Why would you want a common theme?
    Easy. The items are more available. Customizing or having very rare decorations and party favors might require you to pay more or increase your time investment.

    Here are some common ones to think about..

    • Stars
    • Hearts
    • Under the Sea
    • Princess
    • Butterflies
    • Flowers
    • Winter Wonderland
    • Disney -
      • Cinderella
      • Aladdin
      • Beauty and the Beast
      • Snow White
      • Alice in Wonderland

    Different Ideas

    • Japanese-Style – Anime, Cherry Blossoms, Kanji
    • Avatar – Like the movie!
    • Spanish – Flamenco style dress, Guitars, Roses
    • Emo – Um.. if you like this.. you don’t really need my help, do you? :)
    • Candles – Pretty arrangements with candles, mirrors, and flowers
    • Faeries – Mythical creatures, Magical Forests, Wings
    • Hawaiian – Tropical, Leis, The Beach
    • Indian – Saris, Henna, Bright Colors
    • Candyland – Rainbow, Lollipops, Balloons

    Your colors will be dependent on your theme. If you go with something Disney, then your colors are pretty much chosen for you. Usually, girls will choose two colors to work with, but don’t worry too much if you have three.

    Tip: Pick out your dress before making any final decorations for your colors and theme. Now, go off and play detective.

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