• Easy Quinceanera Speeches

    Quinceanera speeches don’t have to be as scary as they seem. Just like the rest of your celebration, preparation is key.

    This guide will address some of the biggest obstacles of public speaking at a quince event. Such as addressing nervousness, following a writing plan, and alternative options.

    Writing Plan

    The first thing you need to do is ask yourself, “What is my message?” Most likely, you will want to say thank you and tell everyone how much you love them. Try to narrow down exactly what you want to say to one sentence. That is your seed message.

    Other guidelines to follow..

    • Keep it 3 to 5 minutes long
    • Make 3 or 4 main points.
      For example, to make three points you could recite a prayer, thank your parents, and then thank everyone else.
    • Keep it positive
    • Speak from the heart and make it memorable
    • Write it down and start practicing at least a month before your quince
    • Don’t read your speech!
    • If you don’t think you can memorize it, go ahead and use note cards.
      But try to practice enough so that you’re not looking down at your notes the whole time.

    Quinceanera’s Speech

    If you’re the quinceanera, I’m guessing you’ll want to write a Thank You Speech. Three to five minutes is plenty of time to squeeze in everything you want to say. If it’s too long, people will start to zone out.

    For a Thank You Speech, you can categorize everyone you want to thank into groups – parents, padrinos, close family and friends, and all of your guests.

    If it starts to get too long you can generalize and thank them as a group.

    Make sure to get sufficient practice! Make it stick by practicing it once a day at least a month before your quince.


    This is the hardest part to get through. It’s common to feel nervous about getting up in front of everyone and speaking. I’ve been so nervous that my knees actually shook!

    Whenever I’m nervous about giving a speech, I convince someone in my family to watch me and give me some advice. I was actually in a club that practiced public speaking and let me tell you, getting in front of people repeatedly helps a bunch! If you can’t find anyone to watch you, then practice in front of the mirror or record yourself on video if you can.

    Practice regularly, but don’t fret about it too much. People are pretty understanding about being nervous in front of a group. :)

    Preparation is key!

    I recommend you write your speech down on note cards and then memorize it, unless you have a lot of people to thank. For that, you can keep a list of the people so you won’t forget anyone.

    Use your note cards to remind you of what you want to say but don’t let it sound robotic by reading it out loud.

    If you happen to have a video camera, that’s even better! If not, then practice in front of the mirror. Aim to make it all sound very natural and confident. The more you practice, the easier this will be!

    For extra help, practice in front a small audience (like your family). Ask them if it flows well and sounds confident.

    Get your logistics in order. On the day of the event, look around for a good spot to stand. If you can, make sure the microphone is working.

    Choose an alternative

    If quinceanera speeches are *just not your thing* then maybe you could try something else. Maybe you could..

    • Recite a poem or a prayer
    • Sing a song
    • Hand out Thank You gifts
    • Print out a poem or a prayer on small scrolls and hand them out
    • Get a kiddo to sing a song on your behalf

    Above all else, practice your quinceanera speech. Have it done at least a month in advance and practice it until it you feel confident about giving it.

    Good luck! :-)

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