• Padrinos Are A Blessing!

    Padrinos and madrinas (aka “Godparents”) are the reason many quinceaneras are even possible. They usually donate their time and/or money towards your celebration.

    Loving Message

    Quinceaneras are highly symbolic of your entrance into society as a young woman. Padrinos inherently carry on the message of welcoming you into adulthood.

    You probably already know at least a little about what godparents are and what role they play.

    Here’s the thing..

    Perhaps, you could loosen up on the idea that your padrinos are just there to help you throw the party, if that’s what you’re thinking. There’s a deeper message there that’s been carried on for sooo many years. That’s the core of what makes this event so special.

    I challenge you to think about what each madrina and padrino is saying to you with their actions.


    The people responsible for the party are the ones throwing it. Any extra kind of help is a gift. That doesn’t mean you’re going to do it all by yourself. It just means you are in charge and ultimately responsible for the costs.

    Family and friends may agree to help you at first, but things happen and people may not be able to fulfill their roles.

    The best way to prevent things from going wrong is to assume responsibility all the way through. Pay for things in advance and/or communicate clearly with your madrinas. Don’t assume they’re going to give you updates, ask for them.

    As long as you remain accountable, you decrease your chances of missing out on the parts that mean the most to you and your family.


    Let’s dive right into the technical parts of this topic. I want to talk to you about a couple of the Hows.

    How do padrinos support your quinceanera?

    Well, the most obvious answer is money, but there are other ways in which people might support you.

    They might accompany you to a quinceanera expo or to see a consultant.

    A madrina might be in charge of the centerpieces, your flower bouquet, or decorating the salon (banquet hall).They might make recommendations of vendors like DJ’s, salons, or caterers – which can be difficult to find on your own.

    The vals (waltz) could be choreographed by a close friend who is familiar with the quinceanera dance.

    A madrina might offer to bake and decorate your cake.

    They also might help you send invitations.

    How do you know what you need help with?

    The Pareto Principle states that most of your results (about 80%) will be caused by a few actions (about 20%).

    Your quince will probably be based on your culture’s customs. Culture is always evolving and so are its customs. I suggest that you look at what’s there and with your budget in mind, decide which ones mean the most to you.

    You can choose to involve those customs that will matter the most and then let go of the ones that won’t. That way, you won’t worry so much about raising money and spending time on parts that won’t feel as important to you and your parents.

    Padrinos and Madrinas List Based in Mexican tradition

    • Church/Mass
    • Church Decorations
    • Music
    • Banquet Hall
    • Party Decorations
    • Ring
    • Necklace
    • Bracelet
    • Earrings
    • Shoes
    • Kneeling Pillow
    • Tiara
    • Bible & Rosary
    • Cake
    • Toast Glasses + Decorated Glass Holder
    • Surprise Gift- Usually a funny performance or gift
    • Limo
    • Dress
    • *Last Doll
    • *Food

    *The last three are usually taken care of by the parents, where I’m from.

    Here is a list you can print or save to your computer – Padrinos List
    (Just right click and choose “Save As” or “Print”.)

    Remember: Define, then focus on the few things that mean the most to you and your parents. If riding a limo is more important to you than a fancy dress and getting both is too expensive.. then, get a very simple dress and ask for help with the limo.

    Tips: For the bigger stuff that’s expensive, you can break it down so that several people can donate, like $20, $50 or $100. Have your entire list ready before you start asking.

    Last thing, keep your list and contact info in your quinceanera planner! The clearer and more organized you can be, the easier everything will flow.

    Take care and good luck! :0)

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