Quinceanera Countdown

Is your quinceanera next year? Or closer.. maybe nine or six months?

Are you excited but don’t know how to plan for it?

I understand how you feel!

Back to the story…

In one year nine months five months two months(!), my niece is having her quince and we’re in the middle of planning everything. Update: The party is over and it was super fun!

What I’m noticing is that there is sooo much to think about..

..When to send out the invitations
..The traditional ceremony
..Which hairstyles match you best
..What to look for in a sea of quinceanera gowns

That’s just the beginning. Then, there’s planning the banquet hall, the music, the dance, the food, and of course the budget!

Who will benefit from this website?

Well, it might help to know who I think of while I’m writing articles..

  • Future quinceaneras who need ideas
  • Mothers and fathers who don’t know where to start
  • Family and guests who want to know about formalities
  • Guys and girls who will be part of the Court of Honor


If you fit any of those descriptions, then this site is for you!

Quinceanera Centerpiece

What is a quinceanera?

If your Latina, you’re probably already a little familiar with what goes on in a fifteen but you may not realize what exactly everything symbolizes.

This is your rite of passage. It marks the transformation of your life as a child into young womanhood. The tradition and symbolism has been steadily evolving throughout the years.

One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s also a rite of passage for parents and family, too. They’re beginning to see you into adulthood and sometimes that can be a bit hard to accept.

Nowadays, nobody’s going to be expecting you to get married soon. Instead, the celebration has taken a more religious or spiritual route. TV has played a role, too. On TV, the ritual is displayed as an extravagant party.

It’s true, some quinces end up costing as much as a wedding.
That isn’t always the case, though. There’s more to a quinceanera than good food and dancing.

Throughout this website, I’ll be encouraging you to think about the symbolism behind it and make the best choices for your celebration.